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Storms impact travelers throughout Midwest, parts of KS

WICHITA, Kan. A late December storm brought rain to south central Kansas, but no major concerns when it comes to road conditions. However, with strong storms impacting other areas, some flights in and out of Wichita are impacted, at least through Thursday.

The Wichita area doesn’t have any snow, but some air travelers heading for parts of Texas or Illinois experienced delays Thursday at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport. These delays are due to areas of heavy rain in those states.

Thursday, some at Wichita’s airport were prepared for delays and cancellations. Others were not.

Flights out of Garden City were also canceled Thursday as snow totals in the western Kansas city reached about six inches. The heavy snow total came with snow drifts of up to three feet in some spots. It was enough to strand some drivers and close area roads.

In parts of western Kansas heavily impacted by a blizzard that began early Thursday morning, thousands of homes and businesses lost power. Warming shelters opened for stranded drivers.

Travelers in western Kansas did catch a break Thursday afternoon when the snow cleared enough for Interstate 70 to reopen. The Kansas Highway Patrol helps motorists keep up with current road conditions across the state on kandrive.org.

With a storm bringing the heavy snowfall to western Kansas and storms in other states causing additional challenges throughout the Midwest, some travelers Thursday might not be able to leave Kansas until Saturday morning.

No matter the destination, any traveler preparing to catch a flight in the next couple days especially, should check ahead, keeping a close eye on the forecast and flight schedules in case he or she needs to come up with a backup plan.

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