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Local business owner reacts to Spirit jobs announcement


Spirit’s announcement of 1,400 new jobs will create a ripple effect throughout the local economy.

The aviation industry is booming and that means McGinty Machine Company in Wichita is too. And when Spirit announced its creating new jobs in Wichita, Don McGinty was excited.

"When [Spirit] increases their employment by 1400, we’ll increase our employment too," McGinty said.

McGinty says when Spirit grows Spirit’s subcontractors grow too.

But, McGinty could lose employees to Spirit. It’s why he says he’ll have to remain competitive in wages and benefits, which according to Wichita Chamber President and CEO, Gary Plummer, isn’t a bad thing.

"We’re all in this economy together," Plummer said.

Plummer and McGinty say growing partnerships between companies and colleges like WSU Tech will help with workforce concerns. Students are quickly being trained in the aircraft industry and local business owners are hiring those graduates immediately.

"Those programs are working and I think they’ll continue to work," McGinty said. "Labor is a competitive market right now. You have to go after and try to do what you need to do to try to get the best."

The competition in the labor force creates a ripple effect throughout the community. For each added job at Spirit, Wichita alone expects to see three more jobs in local business. That’s new homes being built and a larger workforce pool moving in for other sectors.

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